Thursday, October 29, 2009


We started off Wednesday morning at the Portland Airport. I was practicing my competition tunes in the terminal while we waited to board. As I was practicing, an older gentleman came up to me and asked “How long do you have to play?” I gave him a bewildered look, and he continued “because the noise bothers me.” ….wow. I have to say…I didn’t see that one coming! I think most people enjoyed the music though, because a few people told me they sat close to hear it. Later on I even met someone from the Portland Baroque Orchestra Board!

But anyway, we made it to Chicago and just made our connection to London. After an eight hour flight to London, we had two hours until our next flight, but that was before customs. So you think US customs are bad? Try London. We waited an hour to get through a 40 foot “queue” because they had one agent checking all non UK citizens. Then they had to take our picture and make us go through security again AND recheck us again before going to the terminal. So we missed our connection from London to Edinburgh and had to wait on standby. Thank goodness for coffee. We barely made it on the first standby flight three hours later, but WE MADE IT to Edinburgh!!

Ah but the craziness continues… After checking out our rental car, my poor father had to drive on the opposite side of the road, in a stick shift (also on the opposite side of the car), in the madness of Edinburgh!! He got us safe and sound to the bed & breakfast, although the roundabout was a bit scary! So after about twenty hours of travel, we arrived.

With no time to waste, we went out and caught the bus into the heart of Edinburgh! I was very excited to see that the seat fabric on the bus was tartan!! J The city is absolutely beautiful with the most amazing architecture! We walked “The Royal Mile” and saw Edinburgh castle! Although it was already dark by 5pm, the castle and general splendor of the city was still breathtaking. And yes, while walking along the Royal Mile, I did find a stuffed “Nessy” wearing a kilt. And I heard “Scotland the Brave” on box accordion, played to a polka rhythm…!

We ate at a pub called “The Mitre Bar” on the Royal Mile. I admit it, I sampled the haggis. I would probably never order it, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected! ;)

Now, to finally get some sleep but only after I practice…* * ) * *